Meet IAS officer Gunjan Dwivedi, who secured AIR 9 in UPSC exam in her third attempt

We often hear about people who faced failure and gave up. But, at the same time, there are people whose stories of hard work and perseverance are inspiring.

IAS officer Gunjan Dwivedi’s is a similar story. Even after preparing for many years, Gunjan faced failure in her UPSC exams. However, she was determined and worked her way and tasted success in her third attempt. Gunjan adopted a certain strategy for preparation, which gave her success.

Civil service environment found from the beginning

From the very beginning, Lucknow’s Gunjan Dwivedi was inclined towards the civil services. In fact, Gunjan’s father was an IPS officer. Besides, her sister is also a civil servant. She started preparing for the UPSC exam after her graduation in 2014.

Failed pre-exam twice

Gunjan appeared for the UPSC exam for the first time in 2016 but could not even pass the prelims. She also didn’t succeed in her second attempt. She re-formulated her strategy and worked hard from the beginning to secure the All India Rank 9 in 2018. After a long struggle of nearly 5 years, she succeeded.

Gunjan advice to other candidates

Gunjan Dwivedi believes that to succeed in UPSC, first of all, you have to strengthen your base with NCERT books. If you do this initially, it will be very beneficial for you later. Gunjan also says that it is also very important to do time to time analysis of your preparation. After completing the syllabus, revise as much as you can and don’t forget to practise answer writing. Maximum hard work is the only way to succeed in the UPSC exams.