Top 10 IAS Coaching Institutes In Hyderabad With Hostel

This article covers the best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad – best UPSC coaching centres in Hyderabad with best facilities for better preparation of UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad for better preparation of UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad 2022 IAS Exam is one of the most important government Exam in Hyderabad for better preparation of all the aspirant.

Know the Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad and brings unbounded success in this year’s IAS exam. Clearing the IAS exam will no longer be a challenge to you. Because this page will not give the address of the best coachings in any specific city. But the best coachings spread in the whole of Hyderabad, Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.
Every year, in the IAS exam over lakhs of aspirants, appear. But very few can get success completely in all the three phases of the IAS exam:-in Prelims, Mains and in Interview. The reason only is imperfect and error-giving preparation. So, to solve this problem you should take coaching from any best IAS coaching institute. On this page, you will get the names of a few Top IAS coaching classes with every facility, which students demand commonly during their preparation training, Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.

Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel

About Hyderabad With Hostel ( Colourful Country of Diverse Culture): Hyderabad, a unique country in South Asia. This country is a blend of diverse cultures and religions. It is famous for this unique charm all over the world. If you are in search of the best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad 2022, you will not get limited but countless. So much that you will be confused which is right or perfect to choose. And to sort out your this problem at this exam time we have listed some names in this blog for your wide help and best preparation, Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.

Why do you need to choose any good IAS Coaching Center in Hyderabad With Hostel 2022?
UPSC has proved that it is the strongest source of extremely prestigious jobs in the Hyderabadn jobs industry. In all the UPSC exams especially in the IAS exam, we can get clear cut-throat competition today. And in this increasing competition of day by day it has become very difficult to clear the IAS exam at the first attempt, Best IAS Coaching In Hyderabad.

To crack the IAS exam only self-study can’t work wonder. For success, you need the best coaching. A good or best coaching can give this problem a nice result at the right time. So, if you are looking for the right coaching of IAS in Hyderabad then, must read this page on the best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad in detail to bring definite success in this year’s exam, Best IAS Coaching In Hyderabad.

Best IAS Coaching Preparation in Hyderabad With Hostel

IAS is one of the exams of UPSC. This exam is conducted on an all Hyderabad basis every year. It is the highest exam of UPSC. If you are taking the preparation of the IAS exam, you definitely need to take the wide preparation of the entire UPSC syllabus, Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.


Best Online IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. The entire IAS exam is conducted in three phases (i) Prelims contains two papers of objective types questions (GS and CSAT), (ii) Mains paper contains a total of 9 papers of Descriptive type questions among which two optional papers are of English Language and Hyderabadn Language. The third phase is of the interview, in which your personality and knowledge are examined for the final selection, Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.

List of the Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad With Hostel:

Check this list on the Top Online IAS Coaching institutes in Hyderabad With Hostel. This list is prepared by extremely extensive research. This list will give you the names of some Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad With Hostel With Hostelalong with many important details, which is very demanding among students at this time like the coaching fees, batch size, website address, location address, contact detail, best faculties names and their quality of guidance, and about the student’s reviews and also about the google reviews, etc, Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel.

Top IAS Coaching In Hyderabad With Hostel
Rank 1 Pragnya IAS Coaching Hyderabad With Hostel

Pragnya IAS Academy, this institute has been in the prevalent of best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel With Hostelfor the last 15 years. The credit of Pragnya IAS coaching’s best coaching mainly goes to its online coaching. Faculty of Pragnya is excellent in their experience and in knowledge sharing. The classroom of Pragnya are very equipped, well-hygienic and air-conditioned, Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel

Batch strength of Pragnya is around of 20-25 students, the small batch size is kept by the authorities of Pragnya for students’ batter learning and personalized care just like at home. Besides, good classroom learning and online learning, if we take about its course materials, it provides you great reference, these are very informative and extensive and is in very simple language. The admission date starts on 2nd March 2022. Hurry Up! take admission early and get a considerable discount on your admission fees on the basis of first-come, first grab, Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel.


Here Is The List Of The Subject Wise Hours Distribution-

Subjects Duration Of Classes


    • Polity and Governance
    • History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern and World)
    • Geography (Hyderabad With Hosteln & World Geography)
    • Economics
    • Environment and ecology
    • Science and technology and General Science
    • International Relationship
    • Disaster Management
    • Social Justice and Hyderabad With Hosteln Society
    • Ethics and integrity
    • Art and Culture
    • Internal Security
    • Optional Subject
    • CSAT + ESSAY


Features Of Pragnya IAS Coaching In Hyderabad With Hostel.

Total 905 HOURS

Features of Pragnya IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel.


    • Best IAS Faculties are offered by the Pragnya IAS Coaching Institute in Hyderabad With Hostel
    • As per the IAS Aspirants in Hyderabad With Hostel, the satisfaction Rate with Pragnya IAS Academy is 9.8 out of 10.
    • This Top Ranked IAS Coaching Institute in Hyderabad With Hostel With HostelCover IAS Exam Syllabus on Time.
    • Best Coaching center for IAS Prelims, IAS Mains Exam, and IAS Interview.
    • IAS foundation courses, Best IAS Coaching In Hyderabad With Hostel.
    • online IAS courses in Hindi as well as English.
    • UPSC CSE weekend courses Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel.


Features of Pragnya IAS Online IAS Academy in Hyderabad With Hostel


    • Test series and video lecture’s quality is completely unmatched of this institute.
    • Best Coaching institute for GS, CSAT, and Optional Mains Subjects coaching.
    • Faculties team- Jithin Sir, and Anjali Madam, Mohit Sir are the pillar of reputation here.


IAS Online Coaching
English medium fees
Complete Course (GS Pre Cum Mains + CSAT)
11 Months
Prelims Cum Mains (GS Pre Cum Mains + CSAT)
10 Months
IAS Foundation Programme
2 Years
Foundation courses
3 Years
Optional subject
04 & Half Month

Best IAS Coaching Institute in Hyderabad With Hostel

Pragnya IAS Coaching in Hyderabad With Hostel


Branch 1. Ashok Nagar X Roads, Hyderabad With Hostel

Branch 2. RTC X Roads, Hyderabad With Hostel

Branch 3. Chikkadpally Hyderabad With Hostel

Branch 4. Domalguda Hyderabad With Hostel

Branch 5. HSR Layout, Sector 1, Bengaluru

Branch 6. Aundh, Pune

Branch 7. Annamayya Circle, Tirupati

Branch 8. Karol bagh, Delhi

Contact Number

9880486671, 9880487071

Fee Structure

Rs. 1,40,000/- + GST Optional Fee 40000/- + GST

UPSC Notes

IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Preparation Booklets, Best IAS Notes for UPSC Preparation, Online IAS Coaching, Video Lectures for IAS.

Teachers Name

Best IAS Faculties in Best IAS Coaching Hyderabad With Hostel.

IAS Coaching In Hyderabad With Hostel Facilities

Spacious rooms with Professional maintenance at Pragnya IAS Girls hostel

Why should we need Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad with Hostel?

Hostel with pleasant environment and study ambience is required for focused study especially for preparing with the Best IAS Coaching like Pragnya IAS Academy

Lessons of Independence

Some fortunate people grew up as mama’s kid or papa’s kid. They don’t have to worry about running out of resources as they were always provided. Being a hosteller teaches one to restrain themselves from exhausting their resources. When a kid, who grew up with their parents providing them with money when needed, becomes a hosteller, tries to adjust the expenses based on the allowances provided. It’s not that their parents would give up on them. But the student decides not to ask for more than they need. The more a student works on their finance, there is a chance for them to try to minimize the financial burden to their parents. Independence comes at a cost but it is called progress when one can identify their mistakes and rectify those mistakes themselves.

Food (Home vs Hostel)

Of course, home food can never be replaced. But, living in a hostel is learning to live your life on your own. Not every time things go your way. Not every time you can call a parent to complain about the food ask them to make a dish. That’s where we learn how to makes things happen the way they should be. Imagine being in a hostel with very bad food. One might think that skipping meals would make it better but it won’t. Learning how to explain the problem with the food to the management is when you learn to deal with problems in a diplomatic way. Discussing the issues in the hostel whether it might be food or maintenance, and pointing out the areas of improvement teaches one to stand up for what is right. Learning how the management handles the issues teaches one the very first management lessons.


Diversity isn’t something new. We see and talk to people from different cultures every day. But in hostels students from different cultures get to live together. Students still meet and talk in colleges, many might become good friends too but in hostel life when living under one roof, sharing things and looking out for each other creates a strong bonding. There is a scope to learn about different cultures and traditions. We get a chance to identify and minimize the illusion of difference and stay united. 

Advantage of Time

A student has many nightmares, assignments, lab records, or a test. Although a day scholar’s schedule is arranged and there won’t usually be any unexpected time condition, the advantage of time is always with a hosteller. At the end of the college day, hostellers have the advantage of time which they can use without bothering themselves about travelling home or catching a bus. Instead, a student can use the time to spend in the library, on the playground, or in any other productive way. It applies to the morning as well, hostellers can attend the classes on time in the morning without facing any hassles like traffic. 


With the advantage of time, a student living in a hostel can deal with any issue he/she may face academic wise. A hosteler doesn’t have to carry the problem to their home and deal with it later in the night. They can get required support from their peers at the end of their class. Life in a hostel helps a student to obtain an optimistic nature. Living with different people, facing different challenges, standing up for themselves, and learning from mistakes are the experiences required for gaining perception.


Everyone has friends at different points in their lives. Friendship in a hostel is special in every way. A hostel is a temporary home. At the end of the day, we adapt to it and make ourselves comfortable. At that time, we create a bond with the people around us to make our lives easier. In hostel life, we share our vulnerable moments with our friends, we trust them with our secrets, we share our happiness and ask for their support when needed. Some are fun and act like clowns to spread joy, some share their wisdom and help others. The memories a hosteller creates with the friendship they have stays with them for a very long period of their lives. It is always cheerful to have someone to have our back when we need it. 

A Wonderful Experience in Life

Being someone who spent his four years of undergrad in a hostel, I choose to live in a hostel than being a day scholar any day. There are debatable factors regarding life in the hostel. However, the benefits of living in a hostel are higher compared to being a day scholar. 

I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience of living in a hostel for four years. Being brought up in an orthodox family and developing introvert nature, the day of admission into the hostel was filled with anxiety. For 17 years I was a day scholar living with parents travelling to school every day no matter the distance. Coming to undergrad, getting admission in an engineering college in a different district, for personal reasons, gave no choice but to accept the hostel life. There are moments in life that change a person into who they are for better or worse. I must say, my admission into the hostel was the best thing that happened to me so far. 

Hostel life took me out of my comfort zone, taught me to be economical, to stand for what’s right, to share happiness or a shoulder when needed. It also gave me good friends I could cherish all my life. What makes a person call a place home which isn’t home? People. When you are surrounded by the right people, you don’t have to call it a second home, you know it is. It doesn’t happen every time where we meet people who live with us, teach us, compliment us, support us, and stand by us no matter what. It may happen to everyone but it might not happen every time. Life in a hostel is an experience in life worth having,  it depends on us if we want to have it or not.

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