Is it Important to Join the Mains Test Series?

The UPSC Civil Services Exams are one of the most difficult competitive examinations held across the country each year. The limited number of available positions, the unpredictability of the questions, and the vast scope of the UPSC syllabus make it difficult for aspirants to plan their preparation. Joining the mains test series, according to IAS toppers over the years, is one of the first steps toward cracking the exam because it helps one cover the exam’s ask thoroughly.

Many toppers advise using a test-based learning approach. It refers to a method in which you simply solve mock tests and then thoroughly analyze them, learning from the questions that you got wrong. It is an excellent way to assess your strengths and weaknesses as well as your accuracy and level of preparation.

Test series are an important self-assessment tool for all who want to pass the UPSC exam and join the Civil Services. As a result, it is only prudent to recognize the significance of the mains test series in good time. The sooner a candidate begins to assess himself through the mains test series, the better his chances of not only preparing well for the exam but also beating the competition when the results are announced by UPSC.

This is because, once you begin to assess yourself using the mains test series, you will become aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. The sooner you learn your advantages and disadvantages, the better. Thus, assessment through the mains test series gives you a fair share of ideas concerning all those aspects of UPSC exam preparation where you need to focus more as you would definitely like to work more on the topics and/or subjects where you are lacking. Also, when someone talks about assessing himself, he clearly means optimizing and enhancing his strengths to the greatest extent possible.

Importance of Joining Mains Test Series

1. Assists in Covering the Entire Syllabus

When looking at the UPSC Civil Services syllabus, it is easy to become overwhelmed. The broad scope of the topics covered can be intimidating. It can, however, be completed in 10 to 18 months with proper planning and guidance. A test series is essential for this guidance, especially for self-studying aspirants, because it breaks down the vast syllabus into short-term goals. Not only that, but it also schedules regular revisions.

2. Helps in Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses

A test series can also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. We frequently have preconceived notions about which parts of the curriculum we understand better and which require more work. A test series allows you to put that theory to the test. Depending on the outcome, you can devote more time to the portions that require more effort, while lightly polishing the ones that are already prepared. This improves your overall performance.

3. Creates a Time Management Strategy

Toppers from previous years have stressed the importance of time management when writing a mains paper. Many students claim that they did not make the final list in previous attempts because they could not finish their papers. Writing a mains test series will help you understand how much time to devote to each question in order to finish your paper comfortably.

4. Improved Writing Skills for Essays

The core of your UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination is writing. No matter how much knowledge you have accumulated unless you can put it on paper coherently and within the required page limit, you will not qualify for the mains. Writing a test series allows you to not only practice answering questions but also receive feedback from experts in the field, which you can use to improve your answers. In the long run, this will help you outperform the majority of other candidates.

5. Sharpens the Memory

When you revise and re-revise, whatever knowledge you gained while studying for the exam becomes permanently imprinted in your mind. And the IAS test series for the UPSC exam helps to speed up the process even more. Furthermore, if you answer the UPSC exam test series frequently, you will have ample opportunities to test how much of the information you remember from your preparation for the UPSC exam. As a result, the UPSC exam practice tests help you sharpen your memory, which helps you answer the UPSC question paper.

6. Helps in Peer Assessment for Improved Performance

The mains test series not only allows you to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, but it also allows you to assess your peers’ competence. If you have joined the best IAS coaching institute and are preparing for the UPSC exam, the mains test series will undoubtedly help you understand the various preparation strategies used by your competitors. This is especially true if you discover that any of your peers have scored higher than you. It is better to find out now if your UPSC exam preparation is lacking in any way. Even if you do not score well or rank high when the test series for the UPSC exam is evaluated, it will help you perform at your best later in the UPSC exam. It will make you realize where you are lacking and help you focus as needed to solve the problem. As a result, you are more likely to succeed on the UPSC exam.