Frequently Asked Questions About IAS Coaching Institute in Hyderabad

Frequently Asked Questions About IAS Coaching Institute in Hyderabad

As one of the most competitive exams in the country, an IAS aspirant may have a number of concerns and questions about the IAS examination recruitment process.

As a result, in order to assist candidates, particularly beginners, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about IAS along with some questions that people also ask. These UPSC faqs are contextualized with all relevant information.

Which is the Best IAS Coaching Center In Hyderabad?

Pragnya IAS Academy is a top IAS coaching institute in Hyderabad. The foundation curriculum at Pragnya IAS Academy has been designed in such a way that it provides aspirants with a clear picture of success. Because the IAS exam is one of the most difficult in India, a clear picture of IAS Preparation in Hyderabad and skilled guidance is required. UPSC IAS Coaching in Hyderabad at Pragnya IAS Academy employs an analytical technique to assist students in focusing on their professional goals.

Which are the Best IAS Courses Offered In Hyderabad?

  • Intensive IAS Coaching
  • IAS Prelims Coaching
  • IAS Mains Coaching
  • IAS Mains Economics Optional Coaching
  • IAS Mains Geography Optional Coaching
  • IAS Mains Political Science Optional Coaching
  • IAS Mains Sociology Optional Coaching
  • IAS Mains Public Administration Optional Coaching
  • IAS Mains Anthropology Optional Coaching
  • IAS Mains History Optional Coaching
  • IAS Mains Psychology Optional Coaching
  • Interview Guidance Program
  • Intensive IAS Programme (Prelims+Mains) Online Coaching

What are the Benefits of an IAS Academy in Hyderabad?

  • Study materials that are well-designed.
  • Retired IAS and PCS officers make up the majority of the experienced top IAS faculty of India.
  • Audio-visual systems in well-equipped classrooms.
  • Teaching strategies that work.
  • Studying in a professional and competitive environment.
  • Even after the course is completed, you will receive ongoing support.
  • Test series and doubt-clearing sessions are held on a regular basis.
  • On a daily basis, course plans are made.
  • The batch size is small.
  • Every lecture was recorded.
  • Highest rates of success.

What is the cost of IAS coaching in Hyderabad?

Course DetailsDurationFee Structure
IAS Exam Training1 yearRs. 1,46,000

What are the UPSC Courses Offered by IAS Coaching in Hyderabad?

  • Intensive IAS Program (Prelims Cum Mains GS)
  • Interview Guidance Program
  • IAS Mains Economics Optional Coaching
  • IAS Prelims Coaching
  • IAS Mains Coaching
  • Intensive IAS Coaching
  • Mains Optional Psychology Coaching
  • Mains Optional History Coaching
  • Mains Optional Anthropology Coaching
  • Mains Optional Sociology Coaching
  • Mains Optional Public Administration Coaching
  • Mains Optional Political Science Coaching

What is the Duration of IAS Coaching In Hyderabad?

The duration of Online IAS courses, such as the foundation, is often more than one year or 1.5 years, and the duration of optional Online IAS Coaching varies from four to seven months, depending on the type of courses you choose.

What are the Advantages of Joining IAS Coaching In Hyderabad?

  • Good Convenient Infrastructure
  • Classrooms with air conditioning
  • A modern audio-visual facility is available.
  • Regular test series are provided, as well as study resources for all courses.
  • Batch size is limited.
  • Good track record of the previous year